Reiki sessions for clearing, cleaning, and balancing your energy and your chakras.

Each session is tailored specifically for the client’s needs.  If life has been stressful (let’s face it, when isn’t it right now), then Reiki is a must to put your energetic system back in balance.  30 and 60 minute sessions are available.  Dr. Garland will clear, clean, and balance your energy.  If you believe you have energetic blockages, if your life is not flowing right now, then a full hour session is recommended.


Energy/Chakra Clearing


Energy/Chakra Cleaning


Energy/Chakra Balancing


Stress Reduction

30 Minute Chakra Clearing

This session is either for those who would like to try Reiki for the 1st time or for those doing follow-up maintenance sessions.

60 Minute Full Reiki Session

This session is for those needing to do a full clearing, cleaning, and balancing of their energy.  It is particularly helpful as a 1st session or for those suspecting that they have energetic blockages.

Laura has lots and lots of knowledge and can help you with anything you need help with and she did answer all my questions even when I thought my time was going to run out with her.  I will definitely see her again real soon.

Rhonda H.

Absolutely love Laura and Lance.  Both have been helping me for years with my journey and I recommend them highly.

Angela H

I loved my experience with Dr. Laura.  She made me feel comfortable and it was a fun experience.  Will be back for sure.  I will be recommending my family and friends!

Julitza F

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