Quantum Alchemy Transformation

Create the life you have always wanted using science and spirituality to transmute you into gold.

This is not your normal life coaching.  We will dive deeply into you.  We will work on all aspects of your life because you can’t have your best life if you aren’t whole, complete, and thriving in all areas and aspects of your life.  We will work together to determine what your dreams for yourself really are – not what society or friends or family say.  We will unlock the potential hiding deep within you.  We will uncover your passions and your purpose and find a way to incorporate them into your everday.

Your whole life may shift or only parts of it.  The one thing that will happen is that you’ll go from the general surviving that seems to be the 2020’s to thriving like you never have before.

Transmuting You Into Gold







Quantum Meditation


Shamanic Techniques


Inner Mastery

3 Month Intro

If you want to see if you have what it takes to transform, a 3-month intro package is your best option.  You’ll get a taste of shifting parts of your life to be a better you.  If you’re not sure you want to create your dream life, but just want to get somewhat better, we can do that in three months.

6 Month of True Transmutation

This allows us to do a deeper dive into who you really want to be.  We can determine whether your choices are yours or are being dictated by outside forces.  We can begin to find the hidden potentials within and remove the blockages created by your past.  We can move you onto your journey of becoming your best you.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have historically been skeptical of alternative medicine and healing but I’m on a huge path of personal development and spiritual growth so I decided to try this with an open mind.

The release and clarity I got from my time with Dr. Laura in one afternoon surpassed anything I have been able to accomplish in over 10 years of western therapy and psychiatry.

I’m not saying that this is for everyone, or that the process is perfect or infallible.  I’ve come strongly to believe that Science is spirituality that can be explained and that spirituality is science that can not yet be explained.  I believe neither invalidates the other, and I was refreshed that Dr. Laura understands and lives in line with this.

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